Working with Moody Active Wear

Working with Moody Active Wear

Women empowering women is the meaning behind all that we do with You Glow Girl. Our collaboration and work with Moody Activewear has been so special to us because as small businesses we support each other, but also because of Moody's dedication to women's mental health. As it is Mental Health Awareness week I thought it would be fitting to interview Louise about her own journey. I got chatting to Louise McCann- the owner of Moody Activewear- about her journey setting up her small business and the inspiration behind it.

Louise who currently lives in Australia set up Moody Activewear as a business in 2018. She saw a gap in the market for functional, comfortable activewear so you can feel good exercising. Spurred by her passion for supporting mental health awareness through personal experiences within her family, she wanted to make a difference. Moody Activewear is the only active wear brand that donates 100% of their profits to women's mental health charities. Moody's first donation to a mental health charity was when she was in Australia, just eight months after her business's launch. However, Louise stresses the her market is in Northern Ireland. "We are an NI business selling to Australia". So she wanted to give back to charities at home...

We first got introduced to Louise when she was interested in donating to Glow from her profits. From there, we've collaborated on jumpers together, with the main goal being for all profits to be invested back into women's mental health. 



I asked Louise about tips she would have for anyone starting out. She stressed the importance of asking questions and not to fear trial and error. It's a very competitive market so what's most important is seeing your vision, setting up a plan and executing it. You shouldn't be discouraged by making mistakes. She dabbled at Moody for a long time before seeing it as something that could really take off. Louise has been in Australia for fourteen years. Lots of people there have small businesses which inspired Louise. Because she couldn't find perfect comfy leggings, she wanted to create them for herself! Now that her brand has been really established in Northern Ireland, this has been a factor in Louise's decision to eventually move home and expand her brand to its utmost. She described an amazing feeling for her- the first time seeing someone wearing her leggings on her visit home to Fintona. She was so elated and had to jump out of her car to get a picture! The future is bright for Moody and you can shop their beautiful new products coming very soon...

One of the reasons in particular that I love Moody is its diverse representation. There truly is something for everyone. The photoshoots are so inclusive- which is something Louise prioritises. Louise does everything herself, from selecting models to creating designs- we love working with empowered women who empower women. 




On top of being a business woman, Louise is also a Mummy to two babies. Mum life can be stressful and recently Louise travelled from Melbourne to Tyrone alone with her babies. Louise is balancing her business and new Mum life yet still has the time to give back through her passion for business. We can't wait for her new release!




Laoise x


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