Menstruation Matters!

Menstruation Matters!

A highlight about working with You Glow Girl is not only making beautiful clothes but getting to work with charities to bring to life ideas. In this blog I will be talking about our extremely special joint venture with The Homeless Period Belfast. The HPB is a campaign to eradicate period poverty and to normalise periods in general. We teamed up with the charity to create a Menstruation Matters collection. We were so delighted that Stormont has brought in legalisation that attempts to eradicate period poverty in NI by the provision of free period products.


As all of our profits go towards Glow who support women and girls through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, we were eager to work with Katrina. In 2022 periods should NOT be a taboo subject. So, we decided to brandish sweatshirts with a message of support for women suffering through period poverty. In the picture above you can see a campaigner wearing our jumper. It’s so special that we were associated with this cause as we do all we can to support women.


Something I’ve always found interesting is the way that brands organise and orchestrate collabs. We got in contact with Katrina through Instagram to help her create some Menstruation Matters merchandise. We feel that fashion can express the importance of a brand’s values. You can really begin to associate certain slogans and styles with a brand. We wanted something instantly recognisable as HPB merch. So we got brain storming about ideas for logos and colours. This is always a really exciting process because we can help the business bring an idea to life. Paula the You Glow Girl co-ordinator sat down with Katrina to think of product ideas. From there we did a fun photoshoot to advertise the campaign. We featured period products in the photos to destigmatise menstruation and it’s a campaign we’re really proud of. It’s quite emboldening to see girls pose beside pads and tampons and it marks a shift in our society. For each item sold we donate period products to the charity.


This collaboration brought attention to our women’s charity Glow and also helps to empower women in NI. This is what we’re all about! We have some exciting collaborations planned- so keep your eyes peeled.



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