Broken but Beautiful Week You Glow Girl x Broken Crayons Still Colour

Broken but Beautiful Week You Glow Girl x Broken Crayons Still Colour

At both You Glow Girl and Broken Crayons Still Colour we really prioritise campaigning for mental health awareness- to make people realise you aren't alone when dealing with mental health struggles. 

As many of you may know, we recently released a collection with Molly from Broken Crayons Still Colour. Each of the items are brandished with a message of support for mental health awareness. In this blog today, I wanted to explain our Broken but Beautiful Week. At You Glow Girl we wanted to create a social media campaign that lessened the stigma around mental health. To make people realise that these issues are so common. You are never alone. Whilst you may be a little broken, that is human and you are still perfect. The design of the collection incorporated these ideas. (We've released the most beautiful "Broken but Beautiful" t-shirt in white you can check out). We also try to uplift people with positive advice through our collections, "our attitudes are the crayons that colour our world". Your attitudes and perspective on things truly do impact your overall happiness. 

The overall aim for this campaign is simply to destigmatise these issues. If you go to our Instagram or Facebook, you will be able to see video testimonies from people who explain that whilst they may perceive themselves as being broken or flawed they're still beautiful. Each day in the campaign we will be openly chatting about these issues. We want to bring to light that everyone can at some point or another struggle with their mental health. Everyone needs to be conscious of their mental healths, regardless of whether you struggle. It's important to protect your mental well being. Our feed will have tips for your mental well being and how to support others in a crisis. 

Another reason why this campaign is so important to us is because we can help to give back to the women in GLOW. All of the funds from this collection will be going back into different endeavours to support mental health like GLOW or the Say it with Colour workshops.


We’d love if you can get on board and use #brokenbutbeautiful

Laoise x

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