Working at You Glow Girl

Working at You Glow Girl

My name is Laoise and I am a Broadcast Production student at Queen’s.  For me, 2022 has gotten off to an amazing start. I began working with You Glow Girl, which is a fusion of all of my passions at once- fashion, charity and content creation. I love story telling through words and media. I was inspired to become a journalist because of Stacey Dooley- I’ve always wanted to help people in some way and broadcasting felt like the way to mix all of my passions together.


I’m not sure about you, but vision boarding has always been a part of my New Year’s New Me practises. Beginning 2022 I had big dreams about content creation and about finding a fulfilling job which would help me to develop the skills I was learning in my journalism degree. Plastered on my vision board was all of the pictures which reflected the “dream life” I wanted. I had pictures of cameras and mics, fashion, girls on laptops doing social media work. It was a pinch me moment when I stumbled across You Glow Girl who needed a social media officer. Working for You Glow Girl has been an amazing experience so far. I’m going to take you through some of my favourite moments and show you some of our amazing new products.


Working as a social media officer, my job’s tasks often vary. My job is interlinked with marketing, the Glow charity and I also work a lot with Paula who is the You Glow Girl co-ordinator.


So, what do I do in You Glow Girl?



  1. Social Media Planning


In essence, I plan the content put out by You Glow Girl. I use a content planner to visualise what would look best on the feed. I try to incorporate popping and bright colours to illuminate the feed and show off our designs to the utmost. I also network with people on the apps and speak on the stories which also improves our engagement. I’ve tried to start different trends such as Wellness Wednesdays to connect with the followers and to learn more about their opinions and thoughts on topics. I also try to post relatable office content so that our followers get to know our team and see the daily shenanigans. 




  1. Photoshoots


I have LOVED organising photoshoots- sourcing locations and finding models and photographers. One of my first days working for Glow I visited Selfie City with Paula. We envisioned a shoot there with all of our new stock. I’ve learnt that people really engage with the grid before deciding to follow. I’ve needed to ensure that all of the photos posted are high quality. I’ve also did a lot of photo editing on the job and creating content like graphics to communicate with an audience. I’ve learnt how important a structured feed is for aesthetics and I plan content and series weeks in advance.



I’ve also did a few in house photo-shoots which has been so much fun! Although I’m not the best photographer, I attempt taking some photos. It's always fun to bring a product to the market and create an atmosphere of energy around it through marketing. I love having my camera with me in case of a photo opportunity. When I visited the beach with the girls who attend the Fearless Female and Lilly programmes we captured so many memories. I'm glad to be involved in a charity and to do a job that makes a difference. This is why I'm so passionate about marketing for You Glow Girl. 





  1. Tiktoks


Tiktok has been a big part of my You Glow Girl journey. Through the 2020 lockdown I was always on Tiktok but I’d never made one myself until I began Glow. In my first month, I’ve made lots of Tiktoks, which seems to be the way forward in the social media world. I’ve found that people love to interact with short videos, more so than pictures. They offer a quick and interactive view into the organisation. It feels funny to get paid to make Tiktoks!! But they’re a lot of fun and I really enjoy going up with new concepts.



I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and my You Glow Girl journey.



Laoise xx

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